Platter: Antipasto

Platter: Antipasto


Our Antipasto Platter consists of the following:

  • Prosciutto    (S10; L17)
  • Salami    (S10; L17)
  • Ham    (S10; L17)
  • Grilled Haloumi [V]    (S10; L17)
  • Grilled Zucchini [VV]    (S10; L17)
  • Roasted Capsicum [VV]    (S150g; L200g)
  • Olives [VV]    (S100g; L150g)
  • House Flat Bread and Dips - Hummus [VV] & Tzatziki [V]

[V] = Vegetarian; [VV] = Vegan

Platter will be delivered with disposable knives and napkins only. Disposable plates and cutlery may be purchased on the "Packaging and Equipment" page.

S = Small; L = Large


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