What do you value in a good caterer?

…Good food?

…Reliable, high quality service?

…Corporate or customised catering?

…Online, cost effective catering?

…All of the above???

We asked ourselves the same question and we set the answers as the mantra for the catering service which Penny Lane Catering provides.

Flavour | Style | Reliability

We want your experience of our catering to be easy to navigate, so we set up our online catering system for convenience. You can register an account which saves your catering history and contact details so that you do not have to waste time re-entering this information. You can also view and monitor the cost associated with your catering.

If you want customised catering, we will work with you to create a menu which suits your event.

Download PDF version here

You can also speak with one of our staff about customised catering on 02 8056 4284.

We have thought about all things catering so that you don’t have to worry about them!


Avoid missing out on a table!

We take reservations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From a single table to a big birthday lunch... it's always good to make a reservation to avoid missing-out on a table.

It is also preferable to reserve our Meeting Rooms for your private meetings or lunches.

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Appetising catering by design.


Our style reflects your business.


Hassle-free, reliable service.