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Penny Lane is proud to be assisting the Needy Christian Fund (NCF) to raise much needed funds to support and provide services to underpriveleged orphans and families in the poorest areas around Africa. The Needy Christian Fund is a not-for-profit organisation whose members are all volunteers and ALL proceeds are sent directly to those in need.... all administration costs are funded by the generous volunteers themselves.

Ongoing projects undertaken by NCF include:

- Building a roof over shacks/homes
- Providing running water and sewerage facilities to homes
- Provision of medical supplies and services 
- Schooling for underprivileged children/orphans
- Providing families with the necessary means to start a small business to support themselves

How can you help?

20% of each purchase of the Entertainment Book goes directly to the NCF for the above projects.

Not sure if the Entertainment Book is for you?

You only need to use the book a few times to get your moneys' worth... sometimes only one voucher will cover the cost of the book!
There is over $10,000 worth of value in the form of 25% OFF or BUY ONE GET ONE FREE deals.

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Fundraising with Entertainment Book

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