Tea, Coffee & Juice Station

Tea, Coffee & Juice Station


Tea, Coffee & Juice Station

To ensure that our beverages are served as hot as possible, tea and coffee is available for University Campus deliveries only.

  • T2 teas and freshly percolated coffee delivered for one serve, eg Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea.

Hot water and percolated coffee are provided in an urn and percolator, pump-style airpots or hot water jugs and plungers, depending on the number of guests being catered for. A powerpoint may be required for large groups who require urns.

Juice is provided by the bottle. Typically a 2L bottle per 10-15 pax.

Packages include disposable cups, full cream and lite milk, raw sugar and sweetener and wooden stirrers.

Cups and saucers can be made available for an extra charge. Please see Packaging & Equipment to order these separately.


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