Sandwiches: Traditional Points (4 points per serve)

Sandwiches: Traditional Points (4 points per serve)


If needed, dont forget to add plates and napkins to your order.

Recommended serve of 1.5 sandwiches per person. Note that each order will include 20% Vegetarian options, unless if specifically requested in the notes at checkout.

An assortment of gourmet fillings on white, wholemeal and multigrain toast bread and cut into traditional triangle quarters. 

  • Chicken & Avocado: House-roasted whole chickens with smashed avocado, lettuce and aioli
  • Chicken Schnitzel: Fresh chicken schnitzel with tomato, lettuce and smokey BBQ sauce
  • Tuna: Our home-made tuna mix with celery, red onions and mayonnaise
  • Smoked Salmon: with dill cream cheese and rocket
  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato: Double smoked ham, tasty cheese, tomato, lettuce and dijonnaise
  • Salami: with fresh capsicum, pesto, tasty cheese
  • Roast Beef: Sliced roast beef with tomato chutney and rocket
  • Turkey: with bacon, pomegranate jelly and avocado
  • Pesto Roast Vegetable [V]: Mixed roast vegetables with a pesto aioli
  • Curried Egg [V]: Smashed curried egg with tasty cheese and baby spinach
  • Haloumi [V]: Grilled haloumi with pesto, roast capsicum and baby spinach
  • Cheese, Tomato & Pickles [V]: Tasty cheese, fresh tomatoes and pickles
  • Falafel [VV]: Fresh falafel with hummus, tomatoes and pickles
  • Vegan Roast Vegetable [VV]: Mixed roast vegetables with hummus


[V] = Vegetarian; [VV] = Vegan



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